Tooth Stone Cleaning

Tooth Stone Cleaning

Tartar, as it is best known among the people, is formed as a result of not cleaning the bacteria called plaque. Tartar causes problems in the human mouth in both aesthetic and surgical terms. When dental calculus is not cleaned, cavities called pockets and gum recessions occur between teeth and gums. Major problems such as tooth loss occur with the progression of tartar.

What is the Importance of Dental Calculus?

In teeth that are not cleaned regularly, no matter how much you brush your teeth, the enamel of the teeth will not be cleaned completely. Bacteria increase in the teeth that are not brushed over time and cavities and caries occur. As a result, problems such as tooth loss are encountered.

Tartar is most common between gums and teeth that are not easily cleaned. This is the biggest problem for gums. If the tartar formed here is not cleaned, big problems such as gingivitis, gum swelling, tooth loss occur.

How Is Tartar Cleaning Done?

Tartar cleaning, specially developed for dentistry; It is the name given to the process performed with the latest model ultrasonic devices or suitable hand tools. During this application, tooth enamel is not damaged; Because these devices are specially developed for tartar cleaning. While cleaning tartar, air, water and cleaning products are also used. Tooth stone cleaning; It is the application completed in a short period of 20-25 minutes in the dental clinic environment.

If you think that your tooth roots are too exposed after tartar cleaning, you are wrong. Gingival recessions caused by tartar; While tartar is not unobtrusive before cleaning, it may attract attention after tartar cleaning. If gingival recession is too advanced to be corrected by an operation, the only way is good oral hygiene.

Tartar cleaning should generally be done every 6 months. But remember; Good oral hygiene is required to prevent recurrence of cleaned tartar. Do not forget to ask the dentist who does your dental calculus cleaning for suggestions for your oral and dental care.

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