Laughter Aesthetics

Laughter Aesthetics

Appearance problems caused by the shape, color or fractures in the teeth may cause you discomfort. With the development of dentistry, besides surgical and mandatory treatments, aesthetic dental treatments have also started to be performed. The demand for aesthetic dental treatments and smile aesthetics is gaining importance day by day and the demands are increasing.

What is Smile Aesthetics?

Smile aesthetics is a series of procedures that aim to bring lips, gums, teeth together in harmony with an aesthetic facial expression. Within the scope of smile aesthetics, the harmony of lips, gums and teeth is planned, aesthetic analyzes are made, smile style and facial expression are evaluated.

Factors of Smile Aesthetics

Facial Lines,
Smile symmetry,
The order and colors of the teeth,

How to Make a Smile Aesthetics?

First of all, smile aesthetics begin by determining your face type. There are aesthetic tooth shapes that suit every face type. For this reason, facial features are the most important factor in this regard.
If there are orthodontic problems in the teeth, it is planned with the aesthetic dentist. If you need an orthodontic treatment, the duration of the smile aesthetic treatment is even longer. In other cases, it is completed in a very short time.

What Is Within the Scope of Smile Aesthetics?

Teeth whitening,
Pink aesthetics,
Zirconium or porcelain coatings,
Orthodontic treatments,
Lamina porcelain,
Shaping lip contours,
Composite fillings
such as dental treatment methods are used. Which of these methods should be used is completely under the control of the physician.

The result to be obtained within the scope of smile aesthetic treatment is completely decided between the patient and the physician. For this reason, the best result and smile expression emerges for you. Here, the physician’s task is to offer suggestions for providing an appropriate and aesthetic smile expression for you and to assist you in the decision-making process in the smile aesthetic method.

Smile Types

Smile types are generally collected under 3 main headings. These;

Attractive Smile: In the attractive smile type, the front teeth are significantly longer than other teeth. Individuals who want to have an attractive smile are applications for this type of smile expression.

Intellectual Smile: It is a type of smile in which the teeth are lined up in a horizontal line. It is generally preferred by middle-aged individuals. It provides an informed smile expression to the individual.

Sporty Smile: Provides an expression between an intellectual and attractive smile. The front two teeth are not as long as the glamorous smile, but not as short as the intellectual.

A smile aesthetic treatment is planned according to the expression you want to capture in your smile.

Dental Aesthetics

Another name for smile aesthetics is dental aesthetics. Patients can get information about smile aesthetics by searching on the internet as dental aesthetics instead of smile aesthetics.

Smile Aesthetics Prices

Our smile aesthetics prices vary according to the condition of the patient’s teeth, the type of applications to be made and the patient’s expectations. To learn the net price, you should make an appointment with our aesthetic dentists.
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The implant to replace one or more missing teeth.A pillar must be installed on the implant once it has been inserted into the jawbone.

Smile aesthetics is a series of procedures that aim to bring lips, gums, teeth together in harmony with an aesthetic facial expression.

It is an aesthetic method that can be applied by people who are dissatisfied with the color and appearance of their teeth.

Bleeding in the gums for a day can be seen in the form of leakage and a sensitivity of hot-cold lasting for several days is normal.

is the specialty of dentistry that studies supporting structures of teeth, as well as diseases and conditions that affect them.

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Detailed information about your oral health and jaw structure can be obtained with Panoramic X-ray. You can take panoramic X-rays from our clinic.

Lost teeth affect people’s lives negatively! At this point, prosthetic teeth come to our aid.

It is a branch of dentistry that deals with the morphology, physiology, pathology of the human tooth, the tooth root and the tissues surrounding the root tip.

You Can Eat Something Light 1 Hour Before Surgery. Use the medicines prescribed by your physician regularly.

Diagnosis The Most Important Step! It is a branch of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of irregularities in teeth and jaws.

Tooth whitening is the process of removing the outer colorings of the teeth by using chemical bleaching agents that do not cause any harm to the teeth.

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