Lamine Tooth

Lamine Tooth

What is Laminated Tooth?

Laminates are porcelain leaflets with a thickness of 0.3-0.5 mm that are adhered only to the front faces of the teeth. The light transmittance and aesthetic appearance of laminates containing pressed porcelain are excellent. They are much healthier than traditional coatings, as there is very little abrasion from the teeth during their construction. Laminated means leaf in Latin. Since very little thinning is made in solid teeth, it is preferred and discharged more than other types of veneers. In our clinic, you can have laminated teeth applied by our aesthetic dentists with a 100% success rate.
Since it is made of laminated porcelain, it has a very durable structure against abrasion. Porcelain does not change color easily by being affected by substances such as tea and coffee, and is easy to clean. Tartar formation is minimal with a laminated tooth.

Who Is Laminated Teeth Applied?

Having fractures in the front teeth as a result of decay or trauma,
Anterior teeth wear due to brushing or eating habits,
Want permanent discoloration on teeth,
Not satisfied with the size of their front teeth,
There are spaces between their teeth that we call diastema,
Lamina applications can be performed in individuals who have slight crowding in the anterior region and do not want to have orthodontic treatment.

Laminated Tooth Prices

Our laminated tooth prices vary according to the oral and dental condition of the patients. Call now or make an appointment to get price information from our specialist physician.

Advantages of Laminated Tooth

For lamina applications, maximum 0.3-0.5 mm abrasion is sufficient on the surface of the teeth. In this way, there is no loss of dental tissues as in other coating systems.
Thanks to the mock-up technique, the treatment results can be seen in three dimensions before the patient starts the treatment.
They do not change color due to external factors such as tea, coffee, cigarettes.
Since porcelain is a material that does not change color and size, the results are permanent.
They are very aesthetic.

Laminated Tooth Çekmeköy

In Superdent, Çekmeköy’s only A type dental outpatient clinic, you can safely have your laminated tooth, which is your aesthetic dental treatment, done with professional dentists.
Superdent wishes happy smiles!

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